Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Heel Peel Cracked Heels kit

Brand: Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals

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Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Heel Peel Cracked Heels kit

Wear disposable gloves before starting procedure. Avoide using on Cuts, wounds, blemishes, irritated or sunburnt skin. Stop using if skin turns red, swollen and itchy during or after use. Avoid contact with skin other than that on the treatment area. Keep away from direct head and sunlight. Keep away from the reach of children. Product should be used immediately after opening the pack, to prevent drying of active ingredients.

Product Highlight:

  • Repairs cracked heel and prevents recurrence of dry feel.
  • Cheryl's heelspeel softner 2 pads of 10 x 6 Sachets
  • Cheryl's Scraper 1
  • Cheryl's Buffer 1x 12 Buffer Papers
  • Cheryl's Heelpeel Cream 1x 50g

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