Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals ClariWash Face Wash Oily Skin - 50g

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Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals ClariWash Face Wash Oily Skin - 50g

Lemon extract is known to clear excessive sebum oil on the skin it exfoliates dead skin cells that helps prevent the accumulation of pore clogging impurities niacinamide is known to regulate sebum and reduce oily shine it prevents skin from losing water content reduces sebum activity and stimulates microcirculation Glucono Delta lactone is known to act as a mild exfoliator it also lightens and moisturizes skin to provide even skin tone cinnamon extract is known to have anti-germ and asyringent properties

Product Highlight: 

  • It has a thorough cleansing and exfoliating action that sloughs off surface dead skin
  • while other active ingredients reduce excessive sebum secretion and keep the skin well-hydrated
  • It instantly lightens the skin while also protecting it from acne caused by excessive sebum secretion and bacteria
  • Its gently exfoliating action wards off open and closed comedones
  • skin refining and anti-bacterial action protects the skin from acne breakouts

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