3rb - 100% Pure Color Cotton Wool Balls (100 Pieces)

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3rb - 100% Pure Color Cotton Wool Balls (100 Pieces)

3RB Cotton Balls are made from 100% pure and sterilized cotton. They are perfect use for cosmetic, baby & first aid. For Beauty: They are soft and excellent for applying & removing make-up, creams, lotions, oils and nail polish removers. High Quality cotton wool Soft, absorbent and strong Ideal for professional or home use Gentle enough for delicate skin areas or for cleaning minor cuts & abrasions. Color Cotton Wool Balls are made from the highest quality 100 percent cotton to bring you wonderfully soft cotton wool.

Product Highlight:

  • Soft, gentle and strong for use on precious skin
  • 100% cotton for a soft and safe cleaning experience
  • Perfect use for baby, First aid and Cosmetics
  • This super soft cotton ball can be used to remove make up from your face
  • Applying or removing makeup, nail paint becomes easy and messes
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